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Three Presents I'm Buying Myself This Christmas

Today I’m sharing Three presents I'm buying myself this Christmas.
That's right - I'm buying presents for myself. When I should be worried about what I'm buying other people I'm making sure to treat myself too. It's not like I treat myself often and this is a way I can do it and feel absolutely NO guilt about spending money on myself. Wait... why DO I feel any guilt anyway? I work hard for that money. I deserve treats sometimes.

A present for my business.
I decided when I saw it that I wanted to get myself a Dream Plan Do planner this year from The Design Trust. I couldn't resist. I worked on some seriously delicious goals for 2017 and I can't wait to have another tool to help me make the most of my business. I am super keen on productivity and planning - strategising and goal setting is one of my favourite parts of my business. I love it. I know I've probably mentioned this before but I do honestly love it. That's why I decided to back the Kickstarter for the Dream Plan Do planner. Mine arrived the other day and it is GORGEOUS! I'm really looking forward to getting to work on it when I get some time over the holiday period. 

A present for my brain.
I've got a watertight morning routine. I am so in love with my morning routine that when I wake up at 5am I am excited. I have recently added meditation in to my morning routine and have decided that I am going to treat myself to a headspace subscription so I can continue with their guided meditations. I find it really helpful and it sets me up for the day. I'm really enjoying learning how to meditate and also learning that it's not something I have to be "good at" (something that I always found really frustrating when I've tried it in the past but now the app is really helping me). As the folks at headspace say - "Brilliant things happen in calm minds". 


A present just because I want it really bad.
Oh it's got to be the Take A Hike jumper from Hello Dodo. I love the bright green colour, I love all their super fun designs. I've got a nice little collection of their patches and I have (and ADORE) their Get Lost jumper so it seems only right that I treat myself to Take A Hike. That way, when I'm on my winter walks I can stay cosy. And did I mention the bright green? 


I would LOVE to hear if you're treating yourself as well. Or what is on your Christmas list? Tell me tell me!

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