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Three Dates I'd Like To Go On

Today I was going to be writing about Three Dates I'd Like To Go On  just as a fun little thing to do before Valentine's Day. Everyone everywhere seems to be talking about dates. Not to mention I'm obsessed with TV shows like First Dates, Dinner Date, First Dates Hotel, etc. But then I thought why would I write something about something I feel nothing about? I've been single for ages and I don't sit around wishing someone would take me out on a date. I dread the whole first date concept. The nerves, the awkwardness, ugh. Also, I've not got any experience in the "dating" world. I am genuinely very happy on my own. I like my own company and I know what to expect. So instead I've decided to write about Three Dates I Would Not Want To Go On. 

Absolutely no way. Anyone who knows me knows how much I worry about having food in my teeth. I can't think of much worse than that awkward feeling of meeting someone for the first time coupled with thoughts of "what on earth do I order so I don't get food in my teeth?" Not only that, but what if they chew with their mouth open? That'd be game over for me. I find it hard enough to choose something off a menu when I am with friends, let alone having the added pressure of the date awkwardness. I can't even imagine. I tried Tinder for about a week. Some guy asked me out for a "cheeky pint" and I decided Tinder probably wasn't for me. I watch people on First Dates and I am so amazed by how confident most of them seem and how comfortable they are. My palms would probably be so sweaty I'd drop my fork! Not to mention I like to eat pretty early on in the evening and go to bed early so I'd be at my worst by this point. Just waiting til it was time to head home and get my cup of tea and go to bed. Breakfast or brunch date? I guess I could maybe do that... that would at least be much more tolerable. In fact, I reckon I could even squash my anxiety a bit by doing a breakfast date post run when I was still buzzing a bit. 

Movie night.  
When you look at "great first date ideas" or anything else similar this always comes up. Wait, so you meet someone new that you don't know and then you sit in silence next to each other for the next two hours? Hoping that you don't feel that arm sneaking across your shoulders? (Do I watch too many movies? Surely the creepy arm-on-the-shoulders thing doesn't happen still?) Also - what if the film is absolute rubbish? You're basically tied in to spend longer with your date because you'd probably end up going to get food or a drink after. And the suggestions to have a movie night at home? Not on a first date thanks. Besides, who gets to pick the movie?

Try a new fun activity together.  
Ugh! This one is the worst. It implies that if you go ice skating, roller skating, adult scootering or do a cooking class together you'll magically fall in love. Like you won't be terrified of cutting someone's leg off when you fall over on your ice skates, or awkwardly sliding about like a baby deer on roller skates. I would be horrible at doing a cooking class as well because I'd be too focused on wanting to do a good job and I am already a pretty good cook who is rubbish at following recipes. Also, this kind of includes the whole eating together thing as well. 

I've thought long and hard about it - everything I like to do wouldn't be very good in a date. I like reading but that's not exactly a social activity. I like running but I wouldn't be able to carry on a conversation with someone while I was running. I like to run alone and focus on what I'm doing. The only time I run with other people is when I run Parkrun and that is a nice hit of social interaction mixed with running. Cycling would be kind of awkward again I guess unless there was somewhere really remote that didn't have much traffic, or actual bike paths. I think a hike would probably be a good date? A bit of exercise, lots of scenery to look at, and it's ok to walk in silence if the conversation dries up. I guess a picnic could be included in that - as long as there was food that didn't have stuff to get stuck in my teeth. 

The more I think about it the more I wish that it was possible to just start 6 months in to a relationship. You know the person by then. You don't feel awkward anymore. You know what each other likes to do. Anyone see that Black Mirror where your partner is chosen for you? Kind of weird that you can find out the expiration date, but also nice that the work is all done for you. I can't tell if I'd love that or hate that. What first dates would you like to go on? What is the best date you've been on?

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