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Three Exciting Things Happening For Me in April

A brand new month and some exciting plans lay ahead for me this month. I'm quite excited, I must be honest. I decided to share my excitement in this week's blog with Three Exciting Things Happening For Me in April.   

A running holiday.  
I'm going on a running holiday in Mallorca and I am so excited. I'm already dreaming of my sole purpose of the day being to run and eat. Maybe a dip in the sea here and there. I know it won't be tropical temperatures but that is a relief as I don't cope well with running in the heat all that much. I'm still intending to take advantage of the sea temperature being a good few degrees warmer than it is here and running some routes I've never seen. I'm even running a race while I'm out there! It will be nice to get away for a few days before I head into a busy period for my business.        

Attending my first Etsy Team Summit as an Etsy co-leader.    
Early last year I was contacted by some other local small business owners who wanted to start up the Etsy Portsmouth Team. I was asked to join as one of the team leaders and I was ever so flattered. At the end of May last year we had our first meeting and it was such a great turnout. We've had monthly meet ups since where we share information, deliver workshops and socialise with fellow Etsy Portsmouth team mates. Each year Etsy holds a summit for team leaders to get together for a weekend of learning and sharing. I've been lucky enough to be chosen to go to represent Etsy Portsmouth and am looking forward to bringing back some helpful info to my team.     

My niece turns three. 
Before I went full time with my business I worked as an artist in residence at Reflections Nursery in Worthing. My job was to work creatively with the children and help them to learn their languages of expression. I worked mostly with three and four year olds. They're so incredibly creative at that age, they've got the language to express themselves more freely, and are gaining quite a bit of independence. I think that is my favourite age. Knowing what is to come for my niece is very exciting. It's been amazing seeing her grow up and seeing her little sense of adventure sparking. I'm really looking forward to the drawing development that's going to start taking place as well. I remember some of the absolute best things I've seen drawn were by three and four year olds. Oh, and for her birthday? Don't tell, but I designed her a t-shirt that is themed with her favourite song.     

Another new month means lots to look forward to and lots to plan. This particular new month also marks the end of the first quarter, end of the tax year, and first proper Spring month. Who's looking forward to April? 

What have you got planned? 

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