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Three Favourite Christmas Products

Wow, it's less than one month until Christmas. It sneaks up on me every single year, I should know better - it's not like the date ever changes. There are some super organised people out there who start doing their Christmas shopping and every time I see thos early orders coming in, I say to myself, "this year, I should be more organised." Are you a bit like me? Today I'm going to share three of my favourite Christmas products from the site. You may have noticed I've added a banner to the top of the page that tells you about my cards being 5 for £10 now. I've found a way to automatically make that happen at checkout. Magic! Anyway, without further festive adieu, here are my Three Favourite Christmas Products from the site. 

The cards, oh! The cards.  
Greeting cards. I love them. They're perfect little items that let people know you're thinking of them. You can write a special message inside, and send a lovely handwritten envelope. That little envelope drops onto the doormat of your friend or family member and something special happens. They see that someone has spent some time to make the effort. They see that someone has thought of them. It makes their day that little bit brighter, and it makes you, the recipient, feel a bit better as well. Sending handwritten letters gives us a big boost. Christmas is the best excuse to get writing - even if for no other reason than all the lovely Christmas stamps! This year my Dear Santa range of cards has been very popular. My favourite, being the slightly rude Dear Santa Bribe card. I've also done my usual of catering for the cards that aren't really out there. Christmas isn't a brilliant time of year for everyone, so send those who are having a hard time a This Time of Year Card or a Christmas Strength Card. Have you gone fully festive? Then the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Card is probably the one you'll be looking for. Something else? There is plenty in the Christmas Card section of the shop - from best friends and vegans to dog lovers and cat lovers. Cards from the baby, cards celebrating a first Christmas together, and cards for mum and cards for dad

Christmas Tree Pin. 
What better than a little festive tree topped with a glittery heart? The Christmas Tree Pin is the perfect way to show your Christmas spirit or to spread some cheer in a Secret Santa gift. Not feeling so festive but still want a pin? There are plenty in the Pin Section of the shop that make great gifts. Little tokens to tuck into a card for that special friend of yours. 

Christmas badge set.
Want your Christmas flair bite sized? Or in a shareable form? The cute little Christmas badge set comes with four 25mm badges that you can pick and choose from when you accessorise for that next Christmas party. Why not wear the mistletoe on your hat? You might even get a festive smooch!  

Anything you've got your eye on?

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