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Three Goals I've Set for 2018

Today I’m sharing three goals I've set for 2018. How original, right? 
This is the time of year when everyone is setting goals for the year ahead or slinking out of the commitments they've already made. I'm the kind of person that wakes up on a Monday excited because I have a fresh new week ahead of me and a whole new chance to plan and work towards my goals. Just imagine the excitement of a whole new year. That isn't to say if there was something that needed changing that I would wait until the new year to do it. For me, January also brings my birthday. Double resolve! So, I'd like to take this moment to share what I've set my sights on for 2018. There are a load of other goals and targets that I'm not sharing here. I thought I'd share my top three. There is also information out there that suggests that by simply putting it out there into the public domain that I am much more likely to continue. 

Continue to learn. 
This is an important one for me. I really liked school, because I really liked learning. I really liked university, because I really liked learning. I've always really liked reading, because I really like learning. See what I'm getting at? I've never lost the love I had for learning. I know that when I am learning something new I really thrive. It inspires me. It gets me firing on all cylinders. I've promised myself that I will read at least one non-fiction book every month. They will be about subjects that interest me, from people to places and all the adventures in between. Earlier this month I finished reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and now I'm reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

This is my focus word for 2018. I've been working my way through my Dream Plan Do Planner from The Design Trust and this was one of the exercises. I chose THRIVE as my word for the year as although it should be quite obvious, it is only in the last year that I have really learned what it means for me. I want to keep on working towards it. I know that if I stay up late I feel awful the next day, and no those extra episodes on Netflix were never worth it. I know if I drink alcohol I feel awful the next day, and no the hangover was never worth it. I know if I "treat myself" by eating a pile of rubbish food that I feel horrible both inside and out, and no the sugary snacks were never worth it (although I WILL be having some birthday cake later this month). I made some really great progress in those areas over 2017 and I can't wait to continue taking care of myself in 2018. My early bedtime - although at one point would have been considered a punishment, is now just a way to make sure I feel great every day. My relationship with food is much healthier - I'm no longer using it as a crutch to make myself feel better when I'm stressed out. I eat to fuel my body which means I am much more considerate about what I eat. When I have all the elements of my routine working together I finally feel like I am thriving. I have thrown the towel in on surviving - it worked for me for  a while and it was the best I could do for some time but now I can do better. I can feel my best and I can enjoy myself while doing it. Which brings me on to...

Run 10 Parkruns. 
I started running in October 2017 and I am HOOKED. I've found it an incredible way to clear my mind and it compliments my strength training brilliantly (I needed to get some cardio into my workout program and I can't face running on a treadmill - I love being outdoors). I usually run on my own and so doing Parkrun was a push to get myself into a social situation with an activity I enjoy. I had told myself I would run one a month, and in January I've already run 2. They are such a lovely way to start a Saturday - everyone has been so friendly and I love tracking my progress. I can't wait to hit some milestones with them! 


I would LOVE to hear about your goals or targets for the year. Do you set them throughout the year? How do you find it sticking to them?

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