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Three Good Things About Going on Holiday in January

I'm on holiday. That's right. I've finally taken myself away from the office and am enjoying a wonderful week away in Lanzarote. I thought it was a good time to share Three Good Things About Going on Holiday in January. 

Recharge before the year kicks off.  
With what I do I only get a very small window in January before it gets busy again. Christmas was incredible for me, nice and busy, but still always overwhelming. Come Christmas Day I can just about keep my eyelids propped open. I don't want to start the year feeling sluggish so I decided I'd book myself a week away in the sun. Time to step back, think about what is going to happen in the year ahead without all the day to day interruptions of running the business. Working on the business, not in the business for a change. 

It's warm but not too hot. 
I wanted some sun and I didn't want to fly tooooo far. Settling for Lanzarote was great - it's been sunny every day, I've been snorkelling every day, I've even been scuba diving for the first time. And luckily it wasn't so hot that I couldn't run up a volcano (yes, this was on my list of things I wanted to do). 

Avoiding all of the media hype of new year's resolutions for a minute.
Even if I try hard to ignore them they're still all there. The messages about how we have to start a new year with a new us, eat clean and leave our bad food habits behind. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I hate it. I have been blissfully stuffing my face with all sorts of delights - at least one ice cream a day (anyone had those Maxibon ice cream sandwiches that is half chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and the half without the cookie is covered in chocolate?), delicious tapas, and sweets galore. 


It's been so great getting away for a quick break before the busy-ness of Valentine's Day and Mother's Day kicks in. I'm feeling energised, refreshed and inspired to work really hard again in 2019!

When is your favourite time of year to have a holiday? 

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