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Three Good Things I Will Do When I'm 33

Sunday is my birthday! I'm turning 33. I'm excited about this one because 3 is my favourite number, so surely 33 is going to be a brilliant year. This week I'm sharing Three Good Things I Will Do When I'm 33. 

Run my first half marathon.  
Exactly one week after my birthday I'm running my first half marathon. Although I've trained over the last few months, to say I'm nervous is an understatement.  

Do my 50th good deed with GoodGym and my 50th Parkrun. 
I'm going to reach my 50th good deed with GoodGym and my 50th Parkrun - which is exciting! Not only do I get a t-shirt upgrade, but I also get to feel that smug feeling of having helped out on 50 tasks where I made something better for other people. And as for Parkrun, my goal for last year was to do 10 in the year and I did 30. Not bad. 

Continue saying YES.
Last year I practiced saying YES more, which had me doing all sorts of fun things that my anxiety brain would have usually held me back from. This year I will do the very same thing. I've already got a few things booked in for this year that are slightly intimidating, but will pay off.  

What is your favourite number? Do you ever set birthday resolutions? 

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