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Three Good Things To Do On Valentine's Day (if you're single or hate Valentine's Day)

Today I'm sharing Three Good Things To Do On Valentine's Day (if you're single or hate Valentine's Day). But why? Well, you might have seen my Happy Palentine's Day cards around - they've been crazy popular for the last few years. I designed them a few years back because I was single and wanted to celebrate my pals on Valentine's Day, I figured I wasn't alone there. The love you celebrate on Valentine's Day doesn't have to be romantic love because there are so many types of love in this world. The love you have for your friends is probably not celebrated often enough. I'm also not so sure I've ever done anything terribly romantic on the day even when I did have a partner. I know there are plenty of single folk or Valentine's haters that get a bit dismayed when the day of love comes around so I figured I'd share some ideas of how to celebrate the day instead of worrying about how many heart shaped chocolates you haven't received. 

Get your favourite snacks, get your favourite pals and get ready for a binge watching marathon. 
Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday this year. It's a school night anyway and it's midweek. Pick yourself up from that middle of the week slump and have your best pals round to binge watch your favourite shows or films. I'd go for the ones that have great friendship themes ie: Broad City, Clueless, Mean Girls, etc of course. 

Buy loads of Valentine's and write them out to send to your friends. 
Again, this is where my idea for the Palentine's Day card came from - when I was in school we would write out Valentine's to loads of kids in our class and then take the time going round and putting them into the super cool custom designed Valentine boxes we'd all made during Arts and Crafts. The Valentines I gave out then weren't because I was in love with the people, I simply wanted to show my appreciation for how great I thought they were. Although I'd definitely make sure to give an extra special one to the cute boy in my math class. I'd give him my Happy Valentine's Day You Irresistible Creature card now. For the friends in my life they'd be getting the most popular one: Happy Palentine's Day or the single friends could have the reassurance of the Single Not Alone card. 

Cook yourself your favourite dinner and eat it by candle light.  
Why? Because you deserve it. I never bother with eating out in restaurants or getting take away on Valentine's Day because it's always sooooooo busy everywhere I am always terribly disappointed by my favourite places on that day. Instead, cooking at home, all of my favourite foods (think of the foods that are a little weird that you like together, go for your favourite comfort foods) and making sure to leave room for dessert. Light a candle and put on your favourite music. Take your time over eating it, really enjoy it. There's no rush. There's not another ten couples waiting for your table.

This might sound super cheesy but whenever I do it I really enjoy it and it gives me a great boost. Why not invite a pal round for a candle lit dinner if you don't want to spend it alone? I'm sure they'd love being treated so well! Afterwards, once you're all stuffed full of your favourite foods get a bath running or pop a film on. Perfect. I love doing "date night" on my own - it means I'm actually taking time to take care of myself and if I'd do all of these things for someone that I was in love with why on earth wouldn't I do them for myself?

I'd love to hear what you're planning to do - are you just going to treat it like any other Wednesday or have you got plans to celebrate? Have you got a hot date with someone you fancy or a hot date with the sofa? Either way, single or not, make sure to send some love to your pals for Palentine's Day. 

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