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Three Languages I Want to Learn

European Day of Languages by Angela Chick

26 September 2018 is the European Day of Languages. Did you know there are over 6000 languages spoken around the world? WHOA. I am always so in awe of people who are good with other languages - I've met a few people who speak 3 or 4 fluently. I even met someone once who knows 7! When I was younger, my dad used to try to teach me little snippets of different languages and I so wish I'd have retained it. I never saw myself as someone who was good at learning other languages and it is such a shame. I'd love to learn more languages. Here is a list of Three Languages I Want to Learn:

Why not? It's one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and I'm almost certain that with how much I love it there, I should just get on with learning the language.  

Once upon a time I had a German boyfriend and we went to visit Germany together. I wished so much that I learned the language. I tried, and failed a few times. I know how to order a coffee with no milk, how to ask where the Reeperbaun is, how to ask where the toilet is and a few other bits. Needless to say, I couldn't carry on a conversation if I tried. 

This is a tiny bit of a cheat. Over in Canada, which is where I went to school, you learn French. I never used my French much, even having lived in French-speaking Montreal for a little while, and being able to call myself a pineapple (did anyone else get to watch Telefrancais in their French class in school? Please, I implore you to click this link now to go and watch what is both the most hilarious and terrifying video - this is how I learned French as a child: ), I've forgotten most of it. I'd love to pick it up again though. Even if it is just so I can make ordering pastries that much easier next time I'm in France. 

Do you know any languages? How did you learn them? What is the easiest way to learn new languages as an adult?

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