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Three Podcasts I've Been Listening To Lately

I'm a sucker for a good podcast. I have certain jobs in my day where it is really nice to have something I can listen to in the background that is more than music. I love podcasts that teach me something or inspire me in some way. This week I thought I'd share Three Podcasts I've Been Listening to Lately.

Marathon Training Academy. 
Before you ask, no I'm not currently training for a marathon. Running a marathon is however, something I want to do in the future. It's been great listening to the amazing tips they share that aren't just marathon specific. Any runner would love this podcast. Click here to visit their website.  I've also found out about the Strength Running podcast from listening to the MTA podcast. Another great one. 

Happy Place.  
Fearne Cotton hosts a great podcast about mental health. She's had some cracking guests on the show discussing their own stories and it's brilliant hearing about how they've overcome mental health challenges in their lives. To name but a few of those she's had on the show: Matt Haig, Stephen Fry, Bryony Gordon, Davina McCall, Melanie C and more. It's great tuning in. For anyone interested in mental health, or those who want to feel a little bit less alone in this mixed up world - click here to visit the website. 

Run Things.
OK, so I've shared a running podcast already (ok, fine, two), and one mental health podcast but this one ticks both boxes. Brand new - I've only listened to the pilot episode so far, this podcast will be discussing running and mental health. I'm looking forward to hearing more on this as running has had a hugely positive impact on my mental health. They've also just started a running club - tempted? I am. Click here to visit their site.   

I treat podcasts a little bit like Netflix - I binge. Who knows what I'll be listening to next week. I'd love any recommendations. I've been a big fan of Tim Ferriss, Jocko Willink, Small & Mighty Conversations with Sam Burgess, Conversations of Inspiration with Holly Tucker, and so so many more. Have you listened to anything along those lines that you think I'd like?

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