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Three Reasons I Love Joanne Hawker's #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge

It's already March, which in the instagram world for me means one thing: #MarchMeetTheMaker time! Each March, Joanne Hawker provides some brilliant prompts and leads a great Instagram challenge. The idea is that each day, makers will post an image on their account inspired by the prompt. I love the challenge so I wanted to share Three Reasons I Love Joanne Hawker's #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge. 

Finding exciting new makers. 
Every time I've taken part in the challenge, I've managed to find some brilliant new makers to follow and shop with. It's so great getting to see behind the scenes of their small businesses. Everyone works differently, and I love that. It's especially exciting to see all the crafts people at work - the processes they use and the tools they use. I love learning about how creative business owners got started as well. So, if you're nosy like me I can't recommend it enough. Head over to instagram and follow the tag: #MarchMeetTheMaker. Click here to check out the creator of the challenge, Joanne Hawker.  

It inspires some posts I wouldn't usually share on my own.  
I guess everyone must get stuck in a rut with Instagram once in a while. I find taking part in challenges can really inspire me to think outside the box when it comes to what I post. I get quite a bit of interaction when I share more behind the scenes things, or information about my business. I guess I'm not the only one who likes to see more than just products on a business' instagram account. So far I've shared my story of how I got started, a flatlay image (which gives away a lot of what my favourite colours are), my favourite product to make, and tools and materials I use. I've also got to see all these posts from other small businesses. I've loved reading stories of how people have got started. I think a lot of people just starting out think that one morning you just wake up and you're successful. It's years of hard work that go into making a small business work. I love hearing what spurred other creatives on and what their background is.    

Takes some of the thinking work out of social media for a month but is also a big challenge.
This is a double edged sword. Instagram challenges are great because instead of umming and ahhing over which image to post each day there it is - set in stone. You know it at least has to be SOMETHING that is in line with the prompt for the day. At the same time, it pushes you to think of something good for that prompt. There are certain parts of the challenge that will definitely be more challenging for me, but I look forward to seeing what I can come up with. 

It's called an instagram challenge for a reason - it is meant to challenge. It also sets off March as a month of inspiration, "yes I can" mindsets and sharing. It encourages openness. It encourages sharing. It let's you get to know the faces behind the posts. I really do insist you head over to instagram to take a look. If you like small businesses, you like the world of handmade, and you like creativity - #MarchMeetTheMaker is a great hashtag to follow. Here's to the rest of the month! If you'd like to see what I'm up to, you can find my instagram link below. Or click here.   

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