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Three Things I Always Bring With Me On Holiday

All the waiting is over and the running holiday I've been looking for is finally here. I have always really loved seeing people's packing lists, I think it's because of how nosy I am. I figured I'm probably not the only one. As I'm all packed up for holiday, I thought I'd share Three Things I Always Bring With Me On Holiday. This isn't going to cover the obviously ie: passport, pants, deodorant. There are a few other bits I always make sure to pack.  

A small notebook.  
Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like switching off completely. Every time I go on holiday, I manage to come up with some great ideas. In the past I've scribbled these down onto napkins and onto bookmarks, but then I realised I should just make sure I bring a notebook and pen with me when I'm away. Just in case I have that idea and there is no surface to capture it on.          

My adventure journal.    
AKA another small notebook. I take this with me when I go away to different places so I can record short little snippets of what's going on. I like to keep this as a way to jog my memory when I'm back home. I did a lot of journalling when I did my solo hike on Dartmoor, and it's great looking back at it. Little things that happened, or thoughts I'd had that I had forgotten, but manage to hold on to through my journal.  

A book, usually two. 
Holidays are a dream time for reading. With all the extra time in the day I love lazing around reading a good book. On my last few trips away I've brought two books with me - one fiction, one non fiction. I made the mistake last holiday of bringing a book I was almost finished, so before I'd even touched down at my destination I had finished it and was left with no book to read. This holiday I'm bringing Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. My favourite holiday read was when I brought As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee with me on a trip to Spain.     

What are your holiday essentials? Mine are obviously all paper based. Have you read a great book on holiday? Let me know! I always love a good book recommendation. 

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