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Three Things I Learned in the Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks for me have been really hectic. I committed myself to a tight deadline that I wasn't even sure I could manage and to tasks I wasn't even sure I was capable of. This week I'm sharing Three Things I Learned in the Last Few Weeks.  

  1. I can do it.
    I don't think I'm alone in the fact that I talk myself out of things I don't think I'm capable of. Or maybe, I don't push myself with certain things because I don't have the confidence or I don't want to embarrass myself or I think that something is too far above me and I'll feel stupid for even trying. You know what these last few weeks taught me? I committed to doing something that I was REALLY nervous about, and really afraid of, and I did it. I did it WELL. In fact, I would even go as far as saying I did a really great job of it. Yes, that's right. A pat on the back for myself. I am trying to take a moment to stand back and realise that actually - I am capable of most things I want to do. I don't want to forget this feeling. I want to remember: I DID IT. And more to the point: I CAN DO IT. I worked really hard. I got really stressed out. But I did it.   
  2. I need to take very good care of myself and that is perfectly ok. 
    This has always been the case and I've only realised in the last couple years. I can do REALLY great work when I'm under pressure to get it done. I can also do really great work when there is no pressure. When I'm feeling awful, not looking after myself, overtired, not eating well, drinking, and not taking care of myself I can't do ANY good work. I've made some big lifestyle changes over the last couple years and I don't regret any of them. They keep me in tip top shape so I can tackle these ridiculous tasks I have to get done. There is no one else steering this boat. Just me. I need to make sure I'm fit and healthy to do that (even if it does mean missing some nights out). Now that the deadline is out of the way? I'm really looking forward to spending some time catching up with my pals and relaxing a bit before the next deadline. 
  3. London is much nicer above ground.   
    Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a massive London fan. Sure, I was born there, but guess what? 3 year old me didn't really have an opinion, and most of my experience was of leafy Kingston and Richmond. I remember when I was finishing university and our degree show was at the Business Design Centre in Islington. I conveniently broke my foot the night before set up so I was stuck with navigating the tube on crutches. I don't like noise and I don't like crowds and that is a big reason why I don't spend much time in London. Or any big cities for that matter. I like quiet places. I like space. On Friday, I was up in London (back at the Business Design Centre) for a pitching event with buyers from some brilliant UK companies. I did fine taking the tube there and taking my time to stroll along in the sunshine. When it was time to go home I knew that I had to get back to Waterloo. I could either walk 47 minutes or take the tube in 15 minutes. The sun was shining, I decided to take a long stroll (ok, I maybe got a bit lost) and it was really nice. I like strolling around a new city on my own. I stopped in to some shops, I sat down and had a meal when I wanted at a place I liked the look of and guess what? I didn't have to get on the tube again that day! I saw trees. And sky. And sunshine. And lots of happy people enjoying the sunshine. Even if it was a bit busy - it was better than being underground.  

What have you learned lately? Are you a London lover? Love the hustle and bustle or prefer a quiet, peaceful town?    

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