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Three Things I Love About My Mum

With Mother's Day in the UK coming this Sunday, 11th March, I wanted to take the opportunity to share Three Things I Love About My Mum. It's a very tough job narrowing it down to only three with this woman, and for that reason I'm just going to go ahead and pick three at random. They're not going to be in any particular order or be any more important than any of the countless reasons I've left off. But this is a quick sum up. For anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting my mum you'll know she is one of the most wonderful, sweetest people on the planet. 

She cares.  
And she cares a lot. She doesn't just care because she's my mum and she feels she has to, she has a genuine interest in the things that have gone on in my life and are going on.  

She is so full of love.    
To say that I was a troublesome teenager at times is putting it lightly. OK, I got off to a head start before I was even a teenager. For everything I put her through, and for all my short tempered outbursts to this day, she is still so full of love for me. I remember as a child how safe it was in her arms and as I grew up she always knew (and still does know) just what to say most of the time. 

She is creative. 
When she was leaving high school she wanted to study at art school and she wasn't allowed. She went on to train as a nurse before changing careers. When I was a kid she was great at helping me with creative projects and she also ran her own little creative business for a short time. She painted these incredible figurines and would sell them on to her customers. I remember one Christmas she got so inundated with orders that she had to keep turning people away because she couldn't manage it all. I wasn't old enough to help in any way but she did let me paint my own stuff. I remember thinking she was a famous superstar because so many people were buying the things that she made. 

As I said, a quick sum up. That doesn't even touch on how helpful she is, what a great cook she is, what a perfect shopping partner she is or that she is my favourite person to watch dating shows with. Mums should be loved every day of the year, but this Sunday, maybe make sure to make a point of doing something extra special to celebrate her. 

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How will you be celebrating Mother's Day? 

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