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Three Things I Love About My Mum

Mother's Day in the UK coming this Sunday, 31st March, it's a late one this year. To celebrate Mother's Day, I wanted to share Three Things I Love About My Mum. It's not easy narrowing it down to only three, so I'm going to just pick three things at random. They're not going to be in any particular order or be any more important than any of the countless reasons I've left off. But this is a quick sum up. For anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting my mum you'll know she is one of the most wonderful, sweetest women on the planet. 

She gives the best hugs.  
There are certain things in life that just don't change as you get older. When I'm feeling really crap, sometimes I just want a hug from my mum. There has been no one on earth who has been able to come close to giving a hug like my mum can. She is warm, full of love and within moments you're feeling better.   

She has the gift of the gab.    
I remember when I was younger my mum and I would go off on shopping missions together and we would chat and chat and chat non-stop for hours. Or in the car, on the way to school, she would be asking me all about how things were going, and who was doing what. We wouldn't really be focused on what we were doing, we were just using it as a way to spend time together and have a good chinwag. She has the gift of the gab. We've always enjoyed a good chat. I can talk to my mum about things I wouldn't talk to other people about. She knew a lot of my secrets before anyone else did.  

She is sugar sweet. 
I reckon my mum is sweet enough to cause cavities. She is thoughtful, kind, caring, loving and so so sweet. She couldn't hurt a fly (although, I'd be careful if I were a spider around her).   

Mums are superheroes. I know mine is. She's been a brilliant mother and friend to me for every single one of my 33 years and I am so grateful for that. Although I'm looking forward to spoiling her on Sunday, I try to let her know as often as I can that she is great. 

What are some of your favourite qualities about your mum? 

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