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Three Things I Love About Running

Last weekend marked my one year anniversary of starting to run. I have been running before, sure, but this marked my first positive decision to start running more. The first run I finished and thought, “Great, I can’t wait to do that again.” There are so many positive things about running and I wanted to share Three Things I Love About Running. 

I am in control. 
Over the years my anxiety has been a massive block for me with cycling. There have been times I’ve really enjoyed it but there was always the nagging feeling of fear because I was sharing the road with cars. I’ve had a couple run ins with cars while cycling and although those events haven’t kept me off my bike, I’ve always felt quite anxious about being so vulnerable. With running, I am in control. I’m not running in the road with the cars, so I don’t have to worry about close passes and near misses.

I can do it whatever the weather. 
(Unless it’s icy, then I would skip it) I’ve been out cycling in rain, and my brakes failed me. I’ve been cycling in wind, living along the seafront this is unavoidable. I’ve been nearly blown into traffic by some big gusts. I find with running, sure, I’ll still get wet in the rain, and it’ll make it more of a challenge in the wind but I can still do it. The exhilaration level increases and nothing compares to the feeling of a hot bath after a run in cold, windy and wet weather. 

I can really clear my mind.
I remember my first run where I finally switched off and felt in the zone. I’d run a few miles without noticing and was staring at a beautiful sunrise that brought me back into the present. It was then I realised why it was that people love running so much. I wasn’t worried about what the traffic was doing (because I wasn’t running near any), I was fully focused on my breathing and the sound of my footsteps on the pavement. I got myself into a brilliant rhythm and felt like I could have kept going forever. When my focus is on my breath and the rhythmic sound of feet hitting pavement, it is like a moving meditation. It feels so relaxing and my brain is no longer caught up in everyday anxieties but able to rest. Able to focus on more important things. 

Running has had a hugely positive impact on my life over the last year. Sure, it’s still hard but only because I’m going faster. Of course, there are still things to worry about but the level of relaxation it gives me is paramount. I’ve met some brilliant people through the running community from GoodGym to Parkrun. 

Are you a runner? Want to start but don’t know how? Have you tried it and hated it? 

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