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Three Things I Would Like To Ask A Cat

This Wednesday (8th August) is #InternationalCatDay. Not to be confused with National Cat Day, or Black Cat Appreciation Day, or Hug A Cat Day. An international day to celebrate all things feline. I must admit, I've got a bit of a soft spot for these four legged fluff balls. They're known for being so indifferent. They're not like dogs, you have to work for that love, and even then, it's sometimes unrequited. So, ust for fun, nothing serious, this week I'm thinking about Three Things I Would Like To Ask A Cat. Because... why not?   

  1. What would you like to be when you grow up? Here are some answers I imagine that cats would give:
    - a fox scarer
    - a neighbourhood reknowned bird catcher
    - a champion mouse hunter  
    - a high jumper
    - a catlympic sprinter
    - a chilled out window watcher
    - a ninja
    - a whinger
    - a lap cat
  2. Who are your best friends? Tell me about them. As soon as a cat is outside their life is a mystery. I've spent time watching those videos where cat owners strap little cameras onto their pets collars and send them out adventuring. I'd love have a good chat about who they run into, what they do together, whether or not they have other cats they'd consider to be friends.    
  3. Why do you always come into the bathroom when I'm having a wee? If the opportunity is there, the cat will be there. There have been times when I've left the door slightly ajar and there will be a little paw that opens it and then just comes in and watches me. Why? What are you doing? Why is it so fascinating? Do you wish you could use the toilet? (and yes, I know there are cats that have been toilet trained)    

There's a million more questions I'd probably ask, but I'd prioritise those ones if I were granted three questions to a cat. Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking about?   

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