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Three Things I'm Looking Forward To

Does anyone else get that feeling of looking forward in Spring? Winter always feels like such a stagnant time for me until January hits. Once January hits I get that renewed sort of "oh wow! A brand new year!" feeling. For most people by February that's worn off but when Spring comes around I feel like it kicks right back in again. It's been a lacklustre Spring here in the UK, Spring has not sprung - although after this weekend I'm questioning that a bit. Not to mention the heat wave we're due to have this week. I wore shorts and a t-shirt on both of my runs on the weekend and I was absolutely not cold. I even went for a post run walk in my shorts and a hoodie on Saturday and I was absolutely not cold. This means it's here. It's time. I want to share Three Things I'm Looking Forward To. 


  1. An event I'm doing on Friday.
    This Friday I'm taking part in a pitching event with some big names in the card buying biz. I've created loads of new designs. I've got my brand new wholesale catalogue printed and arriving today. I've been practicing what I want to say and what I need to say. I've even picked out my outfit as I know when I wake up on Friday I won't just be throwing on my gym kit. I've booked my train tickets. I've planned my sample packs. I've even made a little plan for after the event so I can go and enjoy some time on my own in London before getting the train home. I guess you could say I'm pretty prepared, right? I'm absolutely full of nerves. I'm doing many more things this year than I would have ever done before which shows me my confidence is growing and my anxiety is more under control. I know I am a dab hand at preparing for these sorts of things (as I learned when I did my very first trade show and didn't forget anything at all on my 2 page long typed list, and everything actually went off without a hitch). That doesn't take the nerves away. I know once I'm there and doing it, I'll be absolutely fine. It's just the getting there part. I can do it though, right?    
  2. An event I'm doing on Saturday. 
    Saturday is Record Store Day - ahh, a day where we celebrate music and the indie record shops that should be heaving all year round are absolutely packed, queued up round the block. Each year in Southsea, there is a Record Store Day party on Castle Road complete with bands, food stalls and a market. I've been there the last couple years and it's a great time every time. It'll be especially great if that heatwave sticks around! If you're in the Portsmouth area why not pop by? You will be able to find me down the end of Castle Road opposite the common. I'll have a selection of cards, pins, and a pile of great stuff on sale.    
  3. Shorts! (a slightly less serious, business related thing I'm looking forward to)  
    It kind of goes without saying that I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. I've noticed for some time I seem to have claustrophobic legs. I spend most of the Autumn and Winter trying to feel comfortable because I've had to put my shorts away. Running is so much more comfortable in shorts. Life is so much more comfortable in shorts.  

Do you have any words of encouragement for me? Can you please convince me I'm ready to tackle these two events in a row? Are you going to be out celebrating Record Store Day? Are you a shorts lover?  

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