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Three Ways I'll Be Celebrating Spring

Ahh, Spring is in the air! (OK, so it still doesn't quite feel like Spring with the recent snow we've had in the UK but still! I even saw my first beautiful blossoms which after a couple days of snow and high winds were pretty much gone from the tree. The irony here being everyone always comments on how much it looks like snow when they're majestically drifting down from the trees, only this time it WAS snow.) Today I’m sharing Three ways I'll be celebrating Spring (once it gets a bit warmer).  Why? Because I HATE Winter. Luckily there are a couple things that keep me going throughout the colder months - business is busy, planning for the new year, reviewing the previous year and my birthday. But Spring. What a season! I've already spotted my first tree blossoms, dodged a few crocuses on my runs and planted some new stuff in the garden. 



But it's official now. Spring is here. This year 20th March is it's arrival. Is it Spring where you are?

Whether or not it feels like Spring, here are some things I'll be doing to celebrate my second favourite season (my first favourite is obviously Summer, and Spring comes second because it means Summer is coming!)

  1. Running to my brother's house for breakfast. 
    This is a tiny little personal challenge I set myself when I told my brother I'd started running. Last year I stopped off at his for second breakfast after a bike ride picnic I'd had. It was nice to see him, have a chat, and he hopped on his bike and rode back home with me. I wanted to make it a regular thing but life just got in the way. I started running about 6 months ago and when I started I never felt like I'd ever make that full 5k without stopping to walk. I have been amazed at how quickly my fitness has improved with running. My brother made a joke that I could run up to his house for breakfast as a target. So it was written, so it was done. Well, in the next few weeks it will be anyway. It will be one of my longest runs (at only six or seven miles that may not be very far to a great number of runners, but for me it is six or seven miles more than I could even DREAM of doing 6 months ago). 
  2. Sleep in my bivvy bag. 
    I was going to hang on until Spring to do a bivvy camp but I went on my birthday (in January) so I didn't have to wait all Winter. Looking forward to getting another one in as soon as possible. Anyone up for some early Spring camping?  
  3. Swim in the sea. 
    I'm a big fan of sea swimming and I hate missing out in the Winter. I know I don't have to (Winter swimming is definitely a thing, heck, ICE swimming is a thing), but I just don't deal with the cold very well. Although I did manage to keep on dipping until mid December last year, January and February were just TOO cold for me. I kept up the running, just dropped the post run dip. Now with Spring here, I know the sea will be at its coldest but I am going to get back in there. I can't wait! Anyone else been in the sea lately? How is it? 

What are you doing to celebrate Spring? 

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